Pharmaceutical Injury

Unsafe Drugs

Pharmaceutical Injury

Pharmaceutical drugs, prescription drugs: Are they a godsend or your worst nightmare?

Do pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices hurt or help patients? Watch a TV commercial and one voiceover will say to ask your doctor about Vioxx and the next voiceover will provide a litany of side effects caused by the drug.

  • Is the drug a pro or a con?
  • Will the pharmaceutical drug cure you or kill you or serve up life threatening side effects?
  • Is the drug actually prescribed for your medical problem or is it prescribed off label?
  • Was the drug testing clinical trials (link to clinical trials page) held accountable or contestable?
  • Were there early warning signals of problems with the drug or medical device that were not made public?
  • Was the drug still being marketed and used while under alert or questioning?
  • Does the black box labeling process take too long to be effective?

These are just some of the problems and issues affecting the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Have you or a family member suffered life threatening side effects from pharmaceutical drugs? You’re not alone. Find out if you qualify for a pharmaceutical drug injury lawsuit.